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You and Me….



Ensemble 1
Skin:           Glam Affair – Amberly – Artic Valentine 01 (previous TDR Skin)
Hairbase:   ~Tableau Vivant~ Dreads line – Darcy hairbase (Mixmatch Event)
Hair:          ~Tableau Vivant~Checker Hair (Mixmatch Event)
Outfit:        adoness: hesperides: japanese sunset (Mainstore)
Chocker:   adoness: lady crow: choker: tourmaline (Mainstore)
Earring:     adoness: lady crow: earring: tourmaline (Mainstore)
Bracelet: . aisling. Darshana Bracelet (We ❤ RolePlay)
Nails/nailpolish:-{ZOZ}- Who Mesh Nails Long (Month of Games – July 2014)

Ensemble 2
Skin:           -Glam Affair – Cassia – Exotic – 01 A The Seasons Story TP
Hair:           [sYs] YIU Hair – Black/Red  (The Hair Fair)
Eyes:          Dead Apple –  Sorrow Eyes – Green (Group Gift, Group 1L to Join)
Bracelet:    ISON – safari tribe bracelet (Collabor 88)
Nails/nailpolish: -{ZOZ}- Black Queen Mesh Nails Long (Month of Games – July 2014)
Hands:       Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1



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Will You Keep my Secret…


Skin:         -Glam Affair – Cassia – Pink Rose – Artic (Previous FLF)
Hair:         ~Tableau Vivant~ Francis Hair (The Hair Fair)
Eyes;         IKON Mortal Eyes – Sage (Group Gift, Group Free to Join)
Necklace:    [Tia] Masquerade Jewel (The Secret Affair, July 2014)
Tiara:         :(SH): Head Dept – Keeper of Secrets (We ❤ RolePlay)
Nailpolish:  -{ZOZ}- Shimmer Romance Polish (slink) (The Designers Circle)
Outfit:        *EC* Lumina Mermaid – Water Nymph (Blue)
Hand:         Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Elegant1

Pose:        {NanTra} Defying Gravity 1

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Walks of Life…




Ensemble 1
Skin:           -Glam Affair – Kallisto – Artic 04  (Romp TP)
Hair:           ~Tableau Vivant~ Destiny Hair (Romp TP)
Eyes:            IKON Lucid Eyes – Machine
Outfit:           :: Wretch :: School Sailor Fuku Pink (Marketplace Link)
Bracelet:     Candy Crunchers – Neva Bracelet – Gold  (The Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Candy Crunchers – Neva Bracelet – Silver (The Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Nailpolish: -{ZOZ}- Sunny Summer Polish (slink) Fingernail Hud (Cosmetic Beach Party)
Hands:        Slink  Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Ensemble 2
Skin:           -Glam Affair – Cassia – America – 08
Hair:          [sYs] LIO Hair – Blacksheen (The Hair Fair 2014)
Eyes:         IKON Perspective Eyes – Oxidation
Top:           [[ Masoom]]  Too hot for you top
Bottom:  ALYCE – Skinny Pants – (The Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Necklace & Earring:  [MANDALA]KYARA/Desert (Teleport to Collabor88 July 2014)

Ensemble 3

Skin:           -Glam Affair – Kallisto – Asia 01 (Teleport to Collabor88 July 2014)
Hair:           TRUTH HAIR Blythe – variety
Eyes:          IKON Lucid Eyes – Machine (M)
Top:           [hh] Mary Top
Bottom:    NS:: Mesh Boom Boom Capris  (The Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Ensemble 4
Skin:           -Glam Affair – Cassia – Exotic – 01 The Seasons Story TP
Lipstick:     -Glam Affair –  Prezioso Lipstick 20
Hair:           TRUTH HAIR Harriet
Eyes:         IKON Mortal Eyes – Sage
Outfit:        Munereia – Vintage Lace (Hello Tuesday :))
Necklace: FINESMITH– feather- male necklace- spring gift

Ensemble 5
Skin:           -Glam Affair – Mokatana – America – Star 01 A
Hair:         ~Tableau Vivant~ Lusch Hair (The Hair Fair 2014)
Eyes:         IKON Spectral Eyes – Leonine
Top:           :: Wretch :: Spiked Bra S (Marketplace)
Skirt:          …::: Scrub :::… 8 Buckles Skirt XS Black
Boots:  *{FoReVeR}*Boots v4 Black  (The Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Tattoo:    Letis Tattoo :: Enif Sleeve Tattoo :: H13002 :


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Walks of Life – Shoes Version <3



Shoes 1:      [geek.] Snak Time Sandals (OMG Gacha ended)
Shoes 2:      lassitude & ennui Bijou heels
Shoes 3:      lassitude & ennui Kitty sandals princess/silver
Shoes 4:      -{ZOZ}- Harmoney Heels – Earthy (slink high) (The Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Shoes 5:     *{FoReVeR}*Boots Black (The Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

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Rays of Warmth…


Im not much into too much words on my post, lol, but this time i just cant help myself XD.
I managed to get this bed from [Tia] from the The Secret Affair July 2014.. and well let me just say.. its awesome!!! from the textures to the build itself to the animations (which are numerous)
I have been a fan of her work since wayy before i started blogging, theres just something with the rich warm colors that comforts me.
If you want to avail of her awesome items, ive linked the locations below, some are in the main shop and some are in events.
Have fun guys and girls :).

Bed:               [Tia] Aristocrat Bed – ADULT (Boxed) (The Secret Affair July 2014)
Fireplace:    [Tia] Cottage Fireplace Dark Large (Mainstore)
Lantern:      [Tia] 3 Lantern Set (Boxed) (Mainstore)
Dog:             +Half-Deer+ Sleepy I.G. – Dog Only – Grey
Sidetable:     {anc}  Bdream/. 1Li
Bookpile:     Apple Fall Reading Pile
Painting:      Apple Fall New Arrival Painting
Bear Ruf:    [Tia] Bear floor rug (Mainstore)

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Rising Sun…


Skin:        -Glam Affair – Kallisto – Asia 01 B (Teleport to Collabor88 July 2014)
Lipstick:    -Glam Affair – Cassia – Lipstick 06
Tattoo:        Letis Tattoo :: Biomechanical ::
Hair:        TRUTHHAIR Ainsley
Top:        :: Wretch :: Spiked Bra S (Marketplace)
Skirt:        …::: Scrub :::… 8 Buckles Skirt XS Black
Shoes:        *{FoReVeR}*Boots v4 Black  (The Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Fatboy:        Turlaccor Custombike – FatBoy Custom – White – Extreme
Glasses:    [The Forge] Maverick Sunglasses, Black/Blue -CBOX (OMG Gacha ended)

Nails” -{ZOZ}- Shimmer Romance Polish (slink) – (Designers Circle)




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Ensemble 1
Skin:                -Glam Affair – Kallisto – Artic 04 A     (Teleport to ROMP)
Hair:                [sYs] YIU Hair – White/Black     (The Hair Fair 2014)
Eyes:                IKON Immortal Eyes – Sage (Group Gift July 2014)
Outfit:             -Pixicat- Royal.Dress – White     (The Secret Affair July 2014)
Choker:           adoness: lady crow: choker: pearl: RARE!
Bracer:           . aisling . Tallulah Arms Silver     (The Secret Affair July 2014)
. aisling . Tallulah Bracers Silver (The Secret Affair July 2014)
Circlet:            Zibska – Loviisa ~ Circlet in Smoke

Ensemble 2

Pose:          *PosESioN* Tokyo

Skin:           -Glam Affair – Cassia – Artic – 07 B (Previously, might be in store :))
Lipstick:    -Glam Affair – Cassia – Lipstick 06
Hair:           [sYs] HANAYO Hair – Black (accessory color HUD)  (The Hair Fair 2014)
Eyes:            IKON Promise Eyes – Fjord (M)
Kimono:     Geisha Dreams : Komon – Rose Red – Otaiko – ULTRARARE (Previous Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Ensemble 3
Skin:             -Glam Affair – Kallisto – Asia 01 A (Teleport to Collabor88 July 2014)
Hair:             [sYs] LOU Hair – Plat  (The Hair Fair 2014)
Eyes:              IKON Ardent Eyes – Pewter
Outfit:         ~SSS~ KIMONO Katahadanugi (F) Bones
Bandage:    Dezka & Zakuska – Samurai Bandage’s   _Female_
Katana:       RO – Osafune Katana – open
Dirt:             Vigo – dirt all over 2.0

Props by Event:
The Arcade Gacha Event:
Scrolls:    *bbqq*-The Ming dynasty-China scroll painting B
*bbqq*-The Ming dynasty-China scroll painting E
Sakurapot:    {anc} Bdream.sakurapot:gold

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Welcome :)

Skin:         -Glam Affair – Cassia – Artic & America – Pink Rose (FLF 07-18-14)
Hair:        TRUTH HAIR Blythe –  variety
Eyes:        IKON Immortal Eyes – Sage (Group Gift July 2014)
Outfit:       Munereia – Vintage Lace (XXS) Gift (Group Gift, Group Free to Join)
Bracer:    . aisling . Tallulah Gacha – Bracers Silver (The Secret Affair July 2014)
Feet:           Slink AvEnhance Feet Female Flat
Hands:       Slink Mesh Hand Elegant 1 New

Props by Event:

The Arcade Gacha Event (Ended)
Cats:      ::GB::Siting cat /  American Short / WEAR ME!
::GB::Hanging cat / American Short / WEAR ME!
Table:    *bbqq*-The Ming dynasty-table
Lamp:    MudHoney Zelia Lamp 2
Rug:       Apple Fall – Ruffled Rug

Mainstore Items:
Dog:    +Half-Deer+ Sleepy Italian Greyhound – Grey

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Lavish… :)

Pose:        Just let me be – portrait gift pose by Aerial (Free, Marketplace Link)
Skin:        -Glam Affair – Kallisto – Artic 04  (Teleport to ROMP)
Lipstick:    -Glam Affair – Prezioso Lipstick 21
Eyes:        IKON  Immortal Eyes (july 2014 Group Gift, Group Free to Join)
Hair:        [sYs] LIO Hair – Blacksheen  (The Hair Fair 2014)
Outfit:        Volstead ~ Imogene ~ Dress , 12 color HUD   (Marketplace Link)
Hair Accessory:    Volstead . Peacock Headband . Gold/Black . Feathers Right (Marketplace Link)
Nails:        -{ZOZ}- Black Queen Silver   (the month of games)
Hand:         Slink Mesh Hand Elegant
Bracelet:    ISON – safari tribe bracelet (Teleport to Collabor88 July 2014)

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softest of music…



Skin:    -Glam Affair – Cassia – America – 08 A (Summerfest ‘June 14)
Hair:    [sYs] YIU Hair – Black/Red (Summerfest ‘June 14)
Nails:    -{ZOZ}- Black Queen Silver – Blogger (boxed) (the month of games)
Outfit:       [[ Masoom]]   Mistress gown
Tiara:    [Keystone] Freyja Crown – Silver (Teleport to We RP, July 2014)
Necklace:ISON – safari tribe necklace (silver)   (Teleport to Collabor88 July 2014)

-{ZOZ}- Black Queen Silver mesh set pix