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Rays of Warmth…


Im not much into too much words on my post, lol, but this time i just cant help myself XD.
I managed to get this bed from [Tia] from the The Secret Affair July 2014.. and well let me just say.. its awesome!!! from the textures to the build itself to the animations (which are numerous)
I have been a fan of her work since wayy before i started blogging, theres just something with the rich warm colors that comforts me.
If you want to avail of her awesome items, ive linked the locations below, some are in the main shop and some are in events.
Have fun guys and girls :).

Bed:               [Tia] Aristocrat Bed – ADULT (Boxed) (The Secret Affair July 2014)
Fireplace:    [Tia] Cottage Fireplace Dark Large (Mainstore)
Lantern:      [Tia] 3 Lantern Set (Boxed) (Mainstore)
Dog:             +Half-Deer+ Sleepy I.G. – Dog Only – Grey
Sidetable:     {anc}  Bdream/. 1Li
Bookpile:     Apple Fall Reading Pile
Painting:      Apple Fall New Arrival Painting
Bear Ruf:    [Tia] Bear floor rug (Mainstore)

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