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Peaceful to me…


 Bubbles:  BALACLAVA!! Bubble Machine for FLF (50Ls, Fifty Linden Item, July 7, 2017)
Build: 22769 – Teahouse (Japonica, July 1-23)
Curtain: 7.Cherry house-Open air spa hotel-Cloth curtains (Japonica, July 1-23)
Screen: 22769 – Screen (Japonica, July 1-23)
Bed: 22769 – Futon Bed – PG (Japonica, July 1-23)
Bedside Lamps: 22769 – Paper Console Lamp (Japonica, July 1-23)
Bamboo Plant: 22769 – Potted Bamboo (Japonica, July 1-23)
Sofa: 8.Cherry house-Open air spa hotel-Sofa (Japonica, July 1-23)
Table: 4.Cherry house-Open air spa hotel-tea table (Japonica, July 1-23)
Pavillion: 3.Cherry house-Open air spa hotel-Hot springs shade pavilion (Japonica, July 1-23)
Stone Lights: 6.Cherry house-Open air spa hotel-Stone lights (Japonica, July 1-23)



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