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Hair: adoness : hipp : naturally (Hairfair , September 22 – October 7th)
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Applier: Glam Affair – Selina – Catwa Mesh Head Applier – Petal
Halo: CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Seraph Halo / DARK
Hairbase: adoness : Omega : hairbase : native (Hairfair , September 22 – October 7th)
Mask: CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Dominion Mask / DARK
Chest Cord: ANTINATURAL[+] Synthetic Crush / Tricord Addon / BLACK
Outfit: Luas Frida Body RARE  (The Lootbox Event, Sept 20 – Oct 19, see note Below)
Luas Frida Bra RARE
Luas Frida Skirt Black
Luas Frida Gloves Black
Hands: CURELESS [+] Tin Doll Hands / SILVER /
Bracelet: Una&Mushilu CiberPunk wristband (Neo Japan Event, Sept. 29- Oct 21)
Visor: Una&Mushilu CiberPunk  glass 2  (Neo Japan Event, Sept. 29- Oct 21)
Tattoo: [GW] C02 – “Kenraku”  (MARKETPLACE)
ChestGyro: [GW] J02 “Persevere”  (MARKETPLACE)
DECO: MINIMAL – Cyberpunk Capsule *4* (The Arcade Gacha Events, September 1-30)

Luas Frida Gacha Keya

Lua @The Lootbox event!

18 commons (Body, skirt and gloves) in 6 colors

Rare is a lootbox which includes boots, body and bra with texture hud (6 colors which match the commons so you can mix and match pieces).

Fitted for Maitreya Lara, 50 L$ per pull



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