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A Little bit of This…


On Her 1:
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Bad Girl #2 – Reds (The Epiphany Event, January 15-February 12)
Eyes: {S0NG} :: Gata~ Blue
lingerie: UNA Mainstore . .Talia
Kimono: UNA & {Buing} Hanna  / Kimono Black (Harajuku Event, January 20-Feb 10)
tattoo: { Speakeasy } 10.  Be Kind Tattoo RARE (Gachaland, January 1-31)
On her 2:
Hair: AD – gwenevere B – mix (Gachaland, January 1-31)
Necklace: Nord Embel’Lys  Tresor d’Hiver 2 Necklace RARE (Gachaland, January 1-31)
lingerie: Luas Arabella (Fameshed X Event, January 20 – February 14)
Bracelet: Nord Embel’Lys  Tresor d’Hiver 8 Bracelets (Gachaland, January 1-31)
Tattoo: { Speakeasy } 4. Common Creative sleeve (Gachaland, January 1-31)
Deco: Torika Algon Wardrobe Part 01 (Gachaland, January 1-31)
Torika Algon Chair (Gachaland, January 1-31)
Torika Algon Bag (Gachaland, January 1-31)
Torika Algon Organizer (Gachaland, January 1-31)
Torika Algon Perfume Retro (Gachaland, January 1-31)
Torika Algon Dress (Gachaland, January 1-31)
Oubliette- Boudoir Wall Lamp COPY (Gachaland, January 1-31)
*AF* Lodge 11 – Rug (Gachaland, January 1-31)

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