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Deep into the Night


Crown: .DirtyStories. Witch Headband (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)
Hair: ~~Tableau Vivant ~ Upshaw Hair – Straight bangs
Head: CATWA Mainstore  HEAD Annie
Applier: Le Forme Tenshi Catwa Skin Applier RARE (Gacha Guardian)
Choker: Schadenfreude Spike Collar (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Earrings: Meva Rose + Skull Earring Black + white right
Outfit: [[ Masoom ]]  Sofia Gown ( We❤ RP , October 4-30)
Wings: [Glitzz] Dark Queen Wings – Black (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Bracelet: OXIDE Skull Bracelet (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Skull: + RARE Threaded Skull + {egosumaii}
Knee Tattoo: Ebba Leg Tattoo –  (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Props: DRD BDH – Tombstones (Black Dahlia Hunt, Until Oct 31, 0Ls)
Bananan – HALLOWEEN – hands from the ground (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)
Bananan -HALLOWEEN – gravestone (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)
Bananan -HALLOWEEN – coffin with pumpkins and candles (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)


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A Spell for a Spell



Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Blair II (Salem Macabre Market, October 1-31)
Head: CATWA Mainstore  HEAD Tumble
Applier: Glam Affair – Aurelia Applier ( Catwa / Annie ) Polar 11 (Salem Macabre Market, October 1-31)
Face Tattoo: [theSkinnery] Pentagram (Catwa Applier) Gift for Salem (Salem Macabre Market, October 1-31)
Tongue: [Mello] Demon Tongue  (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Eyes: CURELESS [+] Yuurei Eyes
+ 9 Empty Eyes right + {aii}
Bat Piercing: SECRETS- Dermal Little Bat  (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Chest Piercing: .aisling. Orid –  (Salem Macabre Market, October 1-31)
Outfit: :MoonAmore: Eyeholic / Eye Reaper Dress RARE (Salem Macabre Market, October 1-31)
Gloves: Violent Seduction – Lilith Gloves (Black)
CURELESS&DISORDERLY / TRAPPED COLLAR / Dead (Salem Macabre Market, October 1-31)
Props: CURELESS&DISORDERLY / POSSESSED MANUAL / Red (Salem Macabre Market, October 1-31)
08/.a. DIY Love Potion – Pestle and mortar aisling. Mainstore
10/.a. DIY Love Potion – Candles and Hourglass aisling. Mainstore
04/.a. DIY Love Potion – Philtres aisling. Mainstore
05/.a. DIY Love Potion – Books aisling. Mainstore
02/.a. DIY Love Potion – Hanging Lamp {Gold} aisling. Mainstore
.aisling.  Nature Table aisling. Mainstore
.aisling. Old Magic {spiderweb} (Salem Macabre Market, October 1-31)
. a i s l i n g . Skulls Souvenirs (gift, 0Ls aisling. Mainstore )
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Last Visitor – COMMON (Salem Macabre Market, October 1-31)
DRD BDH – Dahlia’s Decor Lantern 2 (Black Dahlia Hunt, Until Oct 31, 0Ls)
DRD BDH – Dahlia’s Pumpkin Decor (Black Dahlia Hunt, Until Oct 31, 0Ls)
.::DD::. Tentacle Candle SMALL (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
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Edward and I :)


Hey Hey!!! Its that time of the year again.. where the Ghouls comes a-knocking, the witches are brewing.. and the bones are rattling.. so stay tuned ladies and gents.. for a truly wonderful and horrifying month of Halloween posts 😀 woots!!!!

Totally top shelf has started just now.. yes.. just now :O and withing this month im gonna post several items for the event 😛 , its gonna run from October 7-28th so you have more than enough time to slip in and get a hoard for your Halloween set up :P, their theme for this month is : Spookshow Baby!, so what are you waiting for!!get on that broom and zip on there!!! 😛

On Him:
Hair: Tableau Vivant ~ Curly
Head: CATWA Mainstore  HEAD Jackson
Applier: irrISIStible : EDWARD SCISSORHAND Skin (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)
Outfit: irrISIStible : EDWARD SCISSORHAND (includes skin appliers) (marketplace)
Scissorhands: RO Mainstore – Scissorhands
On Her:
Hat: ~Tableau Vivant ~ Maman Brigitte Hat
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant ~ Barony
Head: CATWA Mainstore  HEAD Helena
Applier: irrISIStible : DIA DE LOS MUERTOS SKIN (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)
Eyes: CURELESS [+] Geology of the Moon (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Neck: Schadenfreude Spike Collar (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Tattoo: [Demonic] Abraxas (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)
Outfit: Mistique- Kalliope Black (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)