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i told you to be patient.. i told you to be fine…


Crown: [JANGKA] OPHELIA CROWN WINTER ( We❤ RP Gift 0Ls ,  May 4 -28)
Flower: austris – rapunzel gacha – ear flower  #5 ( Enchantment Event, May 13-31)
Face Tattoo: Arte – Catwa Applier – Fantasy Gold Mask (The Chapter 4, 4th Anniversary Group Gift, 50Ls to Join)
Earring: 20. Yokai – Tale of Rapunzel – Earring (Rosy) ( Enchantment Event, May 13-31)
Eyes: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Snow Queen Eyes –  Sky Blue (see mainshop)
Hair: TRUTH / Kare ( May Group Gift, Group 350 to Join)
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Applier: Insol: Yolo Gacha #RARE
Collar: TABOU. Metal Collar – Gold ( We❤ RP Gift 0Ls ,  May 4 -28)
Necklace: *LightStar-Necklace-Cherry Blossom  ( We❤ RP Gift 0Ls ,  May 4 -28)
Outfit: Luas Alexia Gown  ( Enchantment Event, May 13-31)
Bracers: .aisling. Nilia – Bracers  (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, May 7-June 7)
PHEDORA / Arm Bracelet v.2. / rainbow (Fameshed 4th Anniversary Group Gift, 0Ls to join, May 1-27)
 Deco:  ( Enchantment Event, May 13-31)
((LovelyAlien))FableFlowers_ Blue
1)Air_Flower Lantern_Chrysanthemum white
10)Air_Flower Lantern_W Cherry Blossom white
4)Air_Flower Lantern_Magnolia white
11)Air_Flower Lantern_W Cherry Blossom pink
{N} My Lil Lantern – White [COMMON]
Moon_Sha Magic Flower Holding – Red
5. Yokai – Tale of Rapunzel – Pascal (Lilac)
Half-Deer+ + Flowerhead Goldfish – Fancy
Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish – Love
Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish – Dream
Half-Deer+ Flowerhead Goldfish – Happiness
C L A Vv. Flowers Shower – Ground (GIFT)  (Gacha Garden Group Gift, 0ls to Join)
8f8 – Single Young Sakura WHITE with Bead ( See 8f8 Mainstore)
Garden- by anc  PetalRain Mainshop




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Nothing to Hide :)



On Her 1
Hair: \//. VolutptasVirtualis – Savadja  We❤ RP ,  March 4 -28)
Bindi: [Frou] Elven leaf -Gold-  Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Applier: !Lumae: Catwa – Ella – T3 Shell // Bare (Skin Fair, March 4-28)
Face Bird Tat: ARTE – Seraf Eyeshadow .Bird Tattoo  Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24
Necklace: 7/ .a. Circe [Chakra Crown/Purple] aisling. Mainstore
Outfit: Oubliette- Nightshade Morgana   Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24
Bracer: .a. Circe Upperarm RARE aisling. Mainstore
On Her 2:
Hair: Moon. Hair. // Anatra (Luxebox February, Website)
BinDi: Oubliette- Crescent Moon & Star Bindi (Event Gift Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24, 0ls)
Head: .LeLutka.Head.Simone
Applier: !Lumae: LeLutka – Yulia – T2 Cameo // Bare  ( The Avenue Event, March 1-26)
Necklace: TFF Female Pentacle Necklace  (Event Gift Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24, 0ls)
Lip Ring: Vengeful Threads – Bento  lip ring – Gold Pentacle –  Amethyst  Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24
Tattoo: -Endless Pain Tattoos- Goddess  Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24
Outfit: .::DD::. Mardi Gras Dress
Bracelet: .::DD::. Mardi Gras Bead Bracelet
 Neon Signs:  [Frou!] Neon cat – Pink Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24
 [Frou!] Witchcraft Neon – Pink Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24


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Magic’s Curiosities…


Crown: .:a:. Dangara -Tiara- RARE aisling. Mainstore
Hair: {Imeka} Aya Hair The Arcade Gacha Events, March 1 -31
Circlet: Anya – Circlet – Gold (Arctic Prism) (J&A Hunt, FREE)
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Applier: !Lumae: Catwa – Ruby – T4 Fawn // Frozen (group Gift, 10Ls to join)
Make-up: ARTE – Seraf Eyeshadow & Bird Tattoo [Catwa, Bento] Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24
Collar: .:a:. Dangara -COLLAR- RARE aisling. Mainstore
Necklace: .:a:. Dangara -NECKLACE- RARE aisling. Mainstore
Outfit: Broken Style_Volva Dress  Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24
Props: [P] Pillows, Magical Night: Swirls
Totally Top Shelf , March 3-24
Spyralle Alabaster Scrying Bowl
Moon_Sha Magic Crystal Ball – Gold
Quartz Crystal Bottle – The Half Moon Market
.::DD::. Mounted Dragon Head
Amber Bottle – The Half Moon Market
Rose Quartz Bottle – The Half Moon Market
The Arcade Gacha Events, March 1 -31
14 Fancy Decor: Cloche
Fawny – Stolen by Tentacles.Decor – Mystery
8 – DRD – Vagabond – Drop Lamp

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Something Sinister…


Head Piece: *SL* Failinn HeadPiece Black – Sweet Lies Original (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Hairbase: .Tableau Vivant \\ Catwa HB – Black & Whites  ( Kustom9 , Jan. 15 – Feb. 10)
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Messy updo wig  ( Kustom9 , Jan. 15 – Feb. 10)
Ears: .:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] – Blix
Head: CATWA Mainstore HEAD Tumble
Applier: Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Mona ( Polar ) – Lady Death (Previous Gift, Unavailable)
Makeup: Arte – Elf Make-Up [Catwa, tattoo] (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Tattoo: DAPPA – Creed Tattoo. (Marketplace, Dollarbie)
Pauldron: Luas Susanne Pauldrons Black (Oh My Gacha! , Jan. 12 – 26)
Wings: *May’s Soul* Drakonian angel Wings:
Choker: .::AnVeay::. Necklaces “Leah”  Red (SLF Birthday Gift)
Outfit: Luas Susanne Dress RARE (Oh My Gacha! , Jan. 12 – 26)
Luas Susanne Body Black (Oh My Gacha! , Jan. 12 – 26)
Claw: *May’s Soul* Drakonian angel Claw






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Learning to share…


Guys!! and Gals!! How have you all been? 😀 its a new year already.. time to turn a new leaf? but… why change something that isn’t broken , eh, eh???!!! Same is to be said for my shopping addiction… well im not broke yet so… heave ho!! to shopping we go!!! XD

First Stop is the Totally Top Shelf Event!!! where you can get tons.. i mean tons of stuffages for your RPing and Daily needs , wink wink 😛 , look out for my succeding posts for the stuff i got from this amazing event 😀

On Her 1
Hair: [NYNE] Hair ‘Julieen’ (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Hairband: Opale Hair . Holidays Headband – White (Gacha Guardian, Group Gift, 0Ls to join)
Horn: [evoLove] – Black Magic –  Mint
Head: CATWA Mainstore HEAD Catya
Applier: Erde: skin Kora #7 HUD (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Forehead Tattoo: Arte – Elf Make-Up [Catwa, tattoo] (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Eyes: Unseelie Eyes – Pride (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Lipstick: [Demonic] Glitter Lip – Blue – Omega Head Applier (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Outfit: JCD Meadow Blue (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
On Her 2
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Side pony & locks (Collabor88 , Jan. 8-Feb. 6)
Tableau Vivant \\ Wrap up (Collabor88 , Jan. 8-Feb. 6)
Hairbase: .Tableau Vivant \\ Lelutka HB2 – Black & Whites (Collabor88 , Jan. 8-Feb. 6)
Head: LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.0
Applier: -Glam Affair – – Lucrezia ( LeLutka Applier ) Classy – America
Eyes: Seelie Eyes – Aqua (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Dress: Luas Amarantha Dress Blue (The Fantasy Collective , December 22 – January 15th)
Gloves: Luas Amarantha Gloves RARE (The Fantasy Collective , December 22 – January 15th)
Mask: Entice – Fairy Nightsongs Mask (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Tattoo: :[ET]: Seelie Glow  (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)