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Even now…


Headress: Luas Suhaila Headdress RARE (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, May 7-June 7)
Hair: Tableau Vivant Mainshop \\  Boue
Face Tattoo: Arte – Catwa Applier – Fantasy Gold Mask (The Chapter 4, 4th Anniversary Group Gift, 50Ls to Join)
Head: CATWA HEAD Catya
Applier: [Atomic] Gacha // April Catwa Applier – Porcelain 4  Totally Top Shelf ,May 5-26
Collar: Ama. : Crystal Collar Gift (The Chapter 4, 4th Anniversary Group Gift, 50Ls to Join)
Necklace: Luas Suhaila Necklace RARE (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, May 7-June 7)
Tattoo: [Demonic] Physis Tattoo – Blue  Totally Top Shelf ,May 5-26
Sleeves: Luas Suhaila Sleeves Blue (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, May 7-June 7)
Skirt: Luas Suhaila Skirt Blue (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, May 7-June 7)



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My Little Loves :)


Hello everyone!! did you know its march already!! MARCH!! where does the time go?? It feels like its still December 2016 for me.. but oh well.. LOL

This is a very busy month… 2 of my most beloved Events are starting.. can you guess which?? humn??? humn???

heh if you dont know ill tell you :P. Its the ARCADE SEASON where everyone who has the gacha addiction buzzes like crazy bees inside the Arcade… its buzzy buzzy buzzy.. get it get it?? no?? pfttss lol

And the other one is Totally Top shelf!! where Arcade is mostly for Mainstream items.. in TTS you get to get the best of the best of SL most creative creators for your role playing needs 🙂 from  body parts to hoohaa we got it here :), just make sure you visit them before they end ok??!! XD


Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Hairplay – Front Blow (The Arcade Gacha Events, March 1 -31)
Horn: austris – unicorn gacha #1 RARE – unicorn horn  (Totally Top Shelf, March 3-24)
Flower Crown: austris – unicorn gacha #3  – flower crown colour (Totally Top Shelf, March 3-24)
Head LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE
Applier: Lumae : Yulia LeLutka – T3 Shell / Bare  ( The Avenue Event, March 1-26)
Eyes: <Out of Orbit> Moon Eyes – Green (Totally Top Shelf, March 3-24)
Earring: MC #7 Spring Finds – Tassel Earrings Lime  (The Arcade Gacha Events, March 1 -31)
Necklace: RO – Oracle Collar – GG Mainstore Group Gift, 50Ls to Join)
Troll: !gO! Troll Mariposa (The Arcade Gacha Events, March 1 -31)
Flower Bracelets: austris – unicorn gacha #7 – bracelet  (Totally Top Shelf, March 3-24)
Outfit: {TWS} – Pixie Dress (Totally Top Shelf, March 3-24)
Wing: {TWS} – Pixie Wings – Slink (Totally Top Shelf, March 3-24)
Tattoo: [Demonic] Larethian Tattoo (Totally Top Shelf, March 3-24)
Bracer: .aisling.  Vivienne aisling. Mainstore
Flying Monkey: *HEXtraordinary*  Flying Monkey – Midnight (The Arcade Gacha Events, March 1 -31)
Flying Pigs: Half-Deer+ Mini Piggy – When Pigs Fly (Pink) (The Arcade Gacha Events, March 1 -31)
Butterfly Pig: Half-Deer+ Mini Piggy – Beautiful Butterfly (Spotted) (The Arcade Gacha Events, March 1 -31)
Flower Petals: Garden by anc Petal rain Mainshop


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Warm me… mine…


Horn: TFF Winter Branches Dryad Female Antlers (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Chiyomi Mesh Hair
Head: CATWA Mainstore HEAD Catya
Lipstick: [Demonic] Glitter Lip – Galaxy (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Eyes: Seelie Eyes – Grass (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Collar: – Leif – A MESH Product by Khyle Sion at ~Refined Wild~ (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Outfit: TFF Winter Branches Dryad Dress (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Pauldron: TFF Winter Branches Dryad Female Shoulderpiece (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Build: 8f8 – No Place of Ours – Autumnal 8f8 Mainstore
Mushrooms: 8f8 – Wondrous Journey – Shrooms BIG – MIX Pastels 8f8 Mainstore
Grass: -Garden- by anc meadow {deep forest} {anc}  Mainstore


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Learning to share…


Guys!! and Gals!! How have you all been? 😀 its a new year already.. time to turn a new leaf? but… why change something that isn’t broken , eh, eh???!!! Same is to be said for my shopping addiction… well im not broke yet so… heave ho!! to shopping we go!!! XD

First Stop is the Totally Top Shelf Event!!! where you can get tons.. i mean tons of stuffages for your RPing and Daily needs , wink wink 😛 , look out for my succeding posts for the stuff i got from this amazing event 😀

On Her 1
Hair: [NYNE] Hair ‘Julieen’ (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Hairband: Opale Hair . Holidays Headband – White (Gacha Guardian, Group Gift, 0Ls to join)
Horn: [evoLove] – Black Magic –  Mint
Head: CATWA Mainstore HEAD Catya
Applier: Erde: skin Kora #7 HUD (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Forehead Tattoo: Arte – Elf Make-Up [Catwa, tattoo] (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Eyes: Unseelie Eyes – Pride (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Lipstick: [Demonic] Glitter Lip – Blue – Omega Head Applier (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Outfit: JCD Meadow Blue (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
On Her 2
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Side pony & locks (Collabor88 , Jan. 8-Feb. 6)
Tableau Vivant \\ Wrap up (Collabor88 , Jan. 8-Feb. 6)
Hairbase: .Tableau Vivant \\ Lelutka HB2 – Black & Whites (Collabor88 , Jan. 8-Feb. 6)
Head: LeLutka.Head.Simone 2.0
Applier: -Glam Affair – – Lucrezia ( LeLutka Applier ) Classy – America
Eyes: Seelie Eyes – Aqua (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Dress: Luas Amarantha Dress Blue (The Fantasy Collective , December 22 – January 15th)
Gloves: Luas Amarantha Gloves RARE (The Fantasy Collective , December 22 – January 15th)
Mask: Entice – Fairy Nightsongs Mask (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)
Tattoo: :[ET]: Seelie Glow  (Totally Top Shelf, January 7-27)



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Edward and I :)


Hey Hey!!! Its that time of the year again.. where the Ghouls comes a-knocking, the witches are brewing.. and the bones are rattling.. so stay tuned ladies and gents.. for a truly wonderful and horrifying month of Halloween posts 😀 woots!!!!

Totally top shelf has started just now.. yes.. just now :O and withing this month im gonna post several items for the event 😛 , its gonna run from October 7-28th so you have more than enough time to slip in and get a hoard for your Halloween set up :P, their theme for this month is : Spookshow Baby!, so what are you waiting for!!get on that broom and zip on there!!! 😛

On Him:
Hair: Tableau Vivant ~ Curly
Head: CATWA Mainstore  HEAD Jackson
Applier: irrISIStible : EDWARD SCISSORHAND Skin (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)
Outfit: irrISIStible : EDWARD SCISSORHAND (includes skin appliers) (marketplace)
Scissorhands: RO Mainstore – Scissorhands
On Her:
Hat: ~Tableau Vivant ~ Maman Brigitte Hat
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant ~ Barony
Head: CATWA Mainstore  HEAD Helena
Applier: irrISIStible : DIA DE LOS MUERTOS SKIN (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)
Eyes: CURELESS [+] Geology of the Moon (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Neck: Schadenfreude Spike Collar (The Nightmare Event Hunt, Free)
Tattoo: [Demonic] Abraxas (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)
Outfit: Mistique- Kalliope Black (Totally Top Shelf, October 7-28)


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Trust Me…




On Her:
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Fortuna
Head: LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA
Chest Harness Luas Eterna Harness (Totally Top Shelf, June 3-23)
Outfit: .aisling. Tonya – {Darks} (Vintage Fair Event , June 10-26)
Tattoo: .Facade. :: del Rey (Women Only Hunt 1, 0Ls, Mainshop)
On Him:
Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial hair \ Embarrass (The Arcade Gacha Event, June 1-30)
Skin: ..::SAMURAI HQ::.. Austin Albino
Tattoo: [Demonic] Wraith Tattoo (Totally Top Shelf, June 3-23)
Piercing: – .HoD. –– Breandan MESH Facial Piercing
Paddle: 05 Fancy Decor: Auction Paddle (The Arcade Gacha Event, June 1-30)
Hairbrush: little bones. Hair Brush (animated) (The Arcade Gacha Event, June 1-30)
Cuff: B.C.C Jenny&Megan Handcuffs – Silver R -A (The Arcade Gacha Event, June 1-30)
Pillow: MudHoney Piper Cushion Herringbone (The Arcade Gacha Event, June 1-30)
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Just a little more… ;)



On Her:
Hair: Doe: Hayley (solid) – Colors (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ( May 7 – June 7 )
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-STELLA
Applier: -Glam Affair – ( Lelutka Heads ) Estelle 2 ( Asia )
Outfit: .aisling. Isfyr -Maitreya- {Latex}   (Whimsical Event, May 18-June 8)
Tattoo: [White~Widow] Elektra (We ❤ Roleplay Anniversary Gift, 0Ls , Until May 30)
Bracer: Meva Rose + Skull Upperarm Pastel (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ( May 7 – June 7 )
Boots: Moon Elixir – Coven – 19 – Maitreya – Boots – Charcoal (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ( May 7 – June 7 )
On Him:
Hair: Tableau Vivant~ \\ Knot
Tattoo: [Demonic] Ghede Tattoo (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ( May 7 – June 7 )
Bracelet: Kibitz – Leather collar sensei (The Fantasy Gacha Carnival ( May 7 – June 7 )